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For this very special, we will have Micky joining us to have some fun making your chocolate discs with you.

Come and have some fun with us, and let the little ones make their own chocolate buttons on patterned cocoa paper, they will make 12 of them in total, decorated with yummy sweets.

Fun for ages 4 and under, and the ticket price is for 1 adult and 1 child, you have one set of chocolate kits though, the parents are joining in to help the little ones.  Our staff will leave you to help them with this class, well we say leave you, we stay in the room, but you help your little ones to top their buttons.

This is limited to 10 spaces only, 5 for adults and 5 for children, so 5 couples.  

Please note: At our classes we will have milk chocolate on tap.  If you have any allergies, please advise us in plenty of time to ensure we have alternatives available.

Session times: 30 mins in total, please allow the maximum time for your class session. 

Class fee: £12.50 per couple (child/adult combo)

Time of sessions: vary, please see the product drop down for days and time available.

Cancellation policy: at this time we are not able to refund any cancelled booking if you are not able to attend.  If we have a waiting list of people that can take your tickets we will try our best to sell them again for you, but this is not always possible at short notice.  Booking is at your own risk. We are such a small business that we would not survive if we lost customers on each booking and they required refunds, as our event would not be covered for the cost of entertainment, staff and food if part of ticket fee. 

Disclaimer: as of March 2020 our credit card facilities and PayPal no longer refund their fees for any refunds. We follow the same procedures as well.