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The ultimate experience for all those chocolate lovers out there, which takes place at our Chocolate shop in Eastwood, Leigh on sea, Essex, SS9 5UZ. Chocolate Making.

Session times: 1 hour, 15 minutes in total, please allow the maximum time for this session.  You will be making your own chocolate decorated shape and have some fun with Spiderman with interactions, we will ensure everyone has a chance to have a photo taken with both as well before leaving. 

Ticket information:  Everyone attending will require a ticket, as we are going to be closing off the front restaurant to the public to use for the event. Just think of us like a cinema for those events, every space is chargeable.  We do not have a waiting area or standing areas for the events that take place at the front. 

There are a variety of options to pick from.  If you wish to make the chocolate the cost will be £17.50.  As we are limited to 28 people only, every chair space is chargeable, otherwise we just cannot run these events without it being at a loss. 

Babies on laps are free, but if you require a highchair that will be a charged space as its a seat space we will need to lose, and this has been calculated to fill all seats with paying customers to keep the price nice and affordable.

ALLERGY: Please note that we do cater for made with Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free products, but we must stress we use all ingredients on site. this will need to be highlighted at us at: this MUST be booked in with us before you arrive to the shop. 

We cannot cater for Nut Free at this premises unfortunately.

Arrivals: We ask that you allow plenty of time to park and be ready to start promptly at the start time, as we will be running sessions throughout the day. Just to note, it’s very hands on.

Please note: At our session we will have milk chocolate on tap.  If you have any allergies, please advise us in plenty of time to ensure we have alternatives available.

Allergies: Please advise of skin allergies, and the same for food allergies. We do use and make products with nuts on the premises, so must stress this as a warning to anyone who has an extreme nut allergy.

Location: Sarah’s Chocolate Kitchen Limited, 83 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, Leigh on sea, Essex, SS9 5UZ, we are located right next door to The Eastwood Academy, we have limited FREE street parking outside our premises, but it can be quite busy at certain times of the day.

Price: £17.50 per person if making the chocolate shape.  We will be adding families together if booking is less than 4 tickets, as the way our tables are laid out they are more designed for 4's seating together, we will seat you next to your party though if smaller party.  Everyone attending must book a ticket, we have added spectator tickets as well. 

Age: Open ages - please see notes above that all attendees will require a ticket, there is no standing watching area at our shop.  If you wish to drop off and come back after an hour, that is fine as long as we have your details for emergencies.  My staff are DBS checked who run the sessions with me. 

Cancellation policy: at this time we are not able to refund any cancelled booking if you are not able to attend.  If we have a waiting list of people that can take your tickets we will try our best to sell them again for you, but this is not always possible at short notice.  Booking is at your own risk. We are such a small business that we would not survive if we lost customers on each booking and they required refunds, as our event would not be covered for the cost of entertainment, staff and food if part of ticket fee. 

Disclaimer: as of March 2020 our credit card facilities and PayPal no longer refund their fees for any refunds. We follow the same procedures as well. 

Please do not attend the classes if you suspect you are ill or showing any signs of Coronavirus symptoms.