Beware of what’s lurking on goggle about you!

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 Have you ever wondered what is written about you online?

Like in searches like Google and things like that?

Now, being in the public eye with my business, I understand that my name will be out there quite a bit.

What I was not prepared for was my son, my eight year old son Alfie coming home from school the other day, after actually doing Internet safety, and asking me, mum did I cost you £21,000 pound to make? now that is a bit of a shocker.

I had to laugh and I said, No, darling, that wasn't you. That was what we went through before you came along.

You was free.

You was our miracle baby.

But it's really really opened my eyes up about how much is out there about an individual person and I always knew it was,  but for your son, an eight year old boy to then come home and question you on this, it really opened my eyes up.

It's scary.

Now I've watched so many people on social media like on tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, all writing and bitching about other influencers, exes, partners, and their life in general, their bosses, their work.

That’s all out there in the world and you have to be really careful, as it can come and bite you on the bum.

So my post for today is just be really cautious about what you write, about who you write about.

Make sure it's factual. And also make sure that in like 10-15 years time, if you want to have a child that you're happy for that information to be seen and known by them, as they are taught about internet safety now, and how to goggle themselves. 

It's a scary world. It really is, that we have to consider things like this, but it is reality now.

So please, please think before you type and think before you post pictures, because they're all out there, floating around. So next time your child of partner is upsetting you, write in down and throw it away on paper on your phone notepad, not ONLINE

The picture that I've put on this post is what he found, he knew it was him, he knew it was me and my husband, so just be really careful around Internet safety. Don’t have secrets and post about them!

I’ve always been so open about our IVF journey, so for me it was fine, just shocked me though to have him ask me. He now thinks we are rich 😂

Thank you, everybody. Have a lovely day today.

Sarah xx 


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