Bespoke Private Birthday Parties - Kids

Chocolate Party Information – Under 16yrs

What is included in your party package

Please please note that with this party the children go home with so much chocolate, so party bags in my own personal opinion are not required, we say that the chocolate goodies they take home are their party bags and this then saves any extra cost or work for you all, 

Party time allowance : 1.5 hours per party with making;

Minimum party numbers:  8 children 

Maximum party numbers: 12 children  - increased to 12 from 19th July 2021

Price and whats included informationPlease note from 23rd August prices have slightly increased inline with our suppliers increases. 

4 -12yrs old - £22.00 per head Saturday or £20.50 per head between Thursday - Friday – they will get to decorate their own 8 chocolate bars, make 12 decorated discs and a shaker kit mould to take away and set at home, which can be reused, and package up their goodies to take home.

13 – 16yrs old - £25.50 per head Saturday or £23.00 per head between Thursday - Friday – they will get to learn how to temper chocolate, making their own discs with their own chocolate, we will provide them with tempered chocolate to make bars, and finally create their own chocolate slab weighing approx. 500g+, package up their goodies to take home. 

Options Extras available, to make it that little bit special:

  • Milkshakes (straight up)  each – £3.50 per child
  • Personalised chocolate slab - £23.50 each
  • Chocolate Number – in place of a cake – prices vary: 
  • Ages 1 and 7 - £26.95 each number
  • Ages 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,0 - £30.95 each number

Booking details: 

Please email us on 

Telephone: 01702 528969 or Mobile: 07792207724

Location: Sarah’s Chocolate Kitchen, 83 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, Leigh on sea, Essex. SS9 5UZ  

Payment of parties:  We do require full payment at the time of booking to secure your booking.  We recommend that the minimum amount is booked (8) and then you can add to the booking nearer the date, but final number must be confirmed at least two weeks before to allow for additional staff if required. 

How our parties work:  You simply leave the party goers with our staff at the back workshop room, all my staff working with the children are DBS checked. We do have limited seating now, we do advise booking some seats so your guests can relax and enjoy a drink/snack from our eatery.  

Some general rules:  We do ask that you do not bring in items such as confetti or extra balloons, due to health, hygiene and safety around the machinery.  We ask that children with any illnesses that may be contagious are kept away, this is to protect both the other children and the party and also our staff.  If you are aware of any allergies*, this must be given over at the time of booking, so we can ensure that products are kept separate or not displayed for use. We will be temperature checking all children in the birthday party before they enter the making room.

*please note that we will have products on site from all allergy groups, which will need to be considered when booking up.  Although we can make with free from, we still have airborne particles in the room.