My Chocolate Story

Hi there,

My name is Sarah, I’m 46 years old,  but I feel like a 21yrs old, and I have been on a mission to eat myself thin, with the main focus on sweet treats, which are lower in sugar and calories than those you find on the shop shelves.  Like many of my online shop customers, I understand the struggles of weight loss and maintaining those losses.  

Back between Sept 2015 – Sept 2016, I lost 68lbs by following Weight Watchers.  Over the last year I have struggled with the constant pressure to attend weekly weigh ins and the disappointment of not losing weight, even after a fabulous  week on plan. 

In March of 2019,  I changed my attitude towards food and started to look at intuitive eating and I am now living a happier life, with no restrictions and enjoying eating foods that I found I would avoid.  Whilst I do not attend either diet club, I still pay for the apps to allow me to support my many followers and friends with providing the information for our products.  I still enjoy cooking lots of  Weight Watcher and Slimming World  recipes,  so many of my recipes on my social media pages can be enjoyed by both plans.

I’m married to Michael and we have a beautiful little boy called Alfie, who also has a keen interest in chocolate (EATING), or as he puts it choc choc, I feel like I have created a chocolate eating monster at times.

I started Sarah’s Creative Kitchen back in Jan 2016, after taking voluntary redundancy from my job in the city, and my main focus was on healthy eating, cooking and recipe sharing, which I still do via my facebook and Instagram page.

In September 2016 my life changed dramatically overnight, from running healthy cookery demos at my home in Southchuch, to training as a chocolatier.  I started by making dark chocolate treats for myself and family, then it suddenly developed into making packs to sell at Farmers Markets and School Fayres, and this then lead me to opening up an online shop and here we are three years later, in a factory, making around 20,000+ packs each month and delivering worldwide.

I make lots of different types of chocolates, from bite sized chocolate shapes, discs, bars and truffles.  As well as making to sell, I run masterclasses at my factory, dates are published on my website when available.

In November 2017 I took a big leap of faith in my business and signed a 5 year lease on a big factory unit in Southend, which we moved into in Jan 2018 after spending two months building kitchens, cupboards, work areas to make it easier to have all the staff working still while I was not around and to reclaim my home, as it took over my home life for almost 14 months.

We stock lots of gift ideas which can make great presents, and seasonal themed goodies and bespoke orders.

Most of my stock is made fresh to order, so basically when you see stock go live, we then make it after it sells, some orders can take up to 10 days to make and ship out, but that’s all explained in our Terms and Conditions.

I am registered with the Local Authority and received a 5* Hygiene Rating, fully insured, I also have level 1 and 2 in food hygiene and safety, along with my staff as well.  I undertook a Dipolma in Personal Nutrition while on Maternity leave.  

Currently I have seven staff working with me at the factory, and two more joining the team at our new premises.  I did want to alter part of my factory but we are not able to do that now due to being so busy and taking up all the space now with machinery.

So fast forward to August 2019, to me signing a lease on a second premises, which is where the magical classes will take place. The venue is a multi purpose site, from food and drink and the front to chocolate classes to the rear of the building. We have been awarded another 5* hygiene rating from Southend Borough Council for our new shop/workshops. 

We have spent almost two months of our time around our day jobs to completely overhaul the whole site, to bring you the new transformed venue it is now. 

If you have access to Instagram, you will see lots of posts of chocolate, my family, my meals, me and the team, as we post each day and I do love a live story, with over 99k followers, we like to keep things fresh each day.

Thank you for popping by to say hello and I hope to be able to make chocolates for you very soon.  You can find all my products to buy on the quick link on this page, and there are several different allergy categories as well to help you decide, from vegan, vegetarian, products made with gluten free foods, white, milk, banana, strawberry and dark chocolates. We do always mark all our products with may contain all the allergy groups of foods we stock and make on site as well.