Favourite TV watching for 2024

I don’t know if you are like me, I’m a restless TV watcher, I just can’t fully switch off, I even talk in my sleep 😂, so I need a TV series that I can watch in the background, and still know what’s going on, does that make sense?

At work I have my favourites to watch, here’s some of my recommendations;

1. Friends, I think I’ve watched it from start to finish around 10 times. It was a factory classic for us all.

I find it really difficult to watch now, after Matthew Perrys passing, as I kind of watch it with new eyes now, as I never realised how sad he was, but still managed to cheer us all up. 

2. A newbie to me is Superstore, omg… funny…. if you like The Office, this is definitely for you. I love all the similar type of characters they have 😂.  The one where they take the work group photo is so funny, it makes me laugh every time, but poor Sandra. 

3. The office (USA version) - no more words needed… apart from Hilarious… easy to watch, and you can understand what’s going on without watching it, just from listening. 

4. Benidorm - this is one myself and Michael binge watch every so often. It is so typical of a resort In Benidorm. I’ve been a few times, and this is definitely my experience back 20 years ago. 

5. Louder Milk - I’m trying to give this a chance. I started to watch it last week at home, on a morning off work. I was arranging my content and thought I would give it a go, I’m three in, and I’ll see how I get on this week, as going to try a few more episodes. Have you watched it? It’s not something I can watch whilst working, you need to really watch it. 

6. Big Bang Theory - this has to be my go to at home, at night. When nothing else floats our boat, this is the one we turn to. 

7. My last recommendation is for Fool me once… holy moly. Now before you jump into this one, prepare yourself! It’s one series that is very addictive. Myself and Michael binge watched the whole lot in one night, starting at 8pm and going to bed at almost 3am… it was so bloody good!, a real twist. I changed my mind on the ending around 50 times.. I won’t tell you what happens, but it’s a good one. 

Is there anything you can recommend?

Sarah x 

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