Just sharing some interesting (well maybe not to everyone) facts about me!

I’m Sarah😃, the owner of Sarah’s Creative Chocolate Kitchen.

I will be turning 50 this May, and I haven’t really got any idea of what to do… I don’t drink now, so I don’t fancy pub crawls! I feel like I want to go wild though, but as in wilderness wild 😂, suggestions below please 🙏👇👇

I once lied to my parents about staying over at a friends house, and said friend lied and said they were staying at mine, and we actually intended on sleeping in a tent in someone’s garden (a boy)… we got caught when a snake of a boy got jealous (he wasn’t invited), and told my parents! What an absolute GRASS 😂 😂 but he probably saved me from frost bite!

Another interesting fact! I wanted to be a PE teacher when I left school.. I mean being a chocolatier is pretty close! I think…

Last one of the day! I love Disney, not as much as some people on here, but I lived in Florida when I was 17yrs old, with my mums
family! I went over a size uk 6/8, and came back three months later a UK 14 😂… it was the Caesar salad, and the fries, and maybe olive garden dressing!

Oh and here’s a photo of me from the weekend at a very cold Disneyland Paris ❤️ where I took Alfie on The Tower of Terror! That boy has my no fear gene.

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