Kids don’t know they are born now….

I often get transported back to my youth, and parties I used to have. 

If you came from a little money, it would be a McDonald’s party, with the Ronald character joining in the fun, we would all have to sit in that plastic boat for everyone to see us….maybe 6-8 children invited. Who remembers the burger chairs? 😂 

If money was a little stretched, it was a picnic in the park, or a special dinner at home with a couple of friends, playing pass the parcel and other games, and the entertainment was playing on your metal framed climbing frame, and possibly music statues, which all ended in tears. 

So what’s happened? Why is there such a need to spend so much on your child’s birthday party?

I cringe at the amount of money we have spent over the past 8 years on Alfies birthday parties: 

Year 1 - he had two parties, A joint party with his NCT baby friends to save on multiple party invites, we did one big hall party, but I then did a catered home party. I think I’m total we must have spent around £1500 over both parties. 

Over the next few years it’s been either home parties with characters coming along, like Spiderman, hulk, iron man, or taking friends to places like bowling, ninja warrior, football twice, which has still set us back around £500 - £800 a pop. 

I’ve certainly become more wise to numbers being invited, as let’s be honest we all know the kids that say they are coming and don’t bloody turn up! One year 3 out of 20 didn’t turn up, no apologies from parents, which is so upsetting as that was £90 down the drain. 

I can hold my hands up though, I forgot a party once, and I tell you what I had such guilt for weeks over it, literally the minute I realised, it was too late, I messaged the mum straight away saying how sorry I was, it was when I wasn’t in a great place and everything was a struggle to remember unless I wrote it down, but the silly thing was it was in our joint calendar.. 

The older they get, the easier the parties get, well until 18,21 type ages. Then I’m sure the expense will start again. 

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a party before? 

At my shop, I think the most I’ve seen spent was on a twins birthday party, private hire of the whole venue and 28 children invited, then food and drink for the parents staying behind, not all could due to numbers, and that totalled £895 for 1.5hrs, but in theory the party took us out of the public eye for 4 hours, hence why so high.

This year, Alfie wants to do a gaming bus. Which I think has to be one of the most sensible ones, I’m going to do it at the shop, at the back I think. Pizza for the kids and job done in two hours 😂.


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