Letter to my miracle son Alfie

A letter to my son,

How did I get so lucky.

If only I could share with you the heart ache that I went through to finally get that double line on a pregnancy test, and for it to be for keeps, and you being the chosen one to stick around.

It was always meant to be you.

Alfie, you existed in my life 15 yrs before you were even born. You were everything I dreamt of as a son. My friends and family all knew that Alfie would be my name, and you would be my son one day.

I often sit and watch you sleeping, and my mind wanders to thoughts of what if you were never created, what if I didn’t go back to the doctors and cry my eyes out to beg them to do more tests, what if me and daddy didn’t try that one final time before saying enough was enough.

You were my miracle, the one that stuck with me, the one who made me a mummy, and made me a better version of myself.

Alfie, you are the sweetest, cutest, caring, funny, warm, compassionate, cheeky, handsome little man. I blinked and you went from being a baby to 8yrs old, frightening stuff time.

I know when you are older, you will say no to me putting these types of photos up to share, but for now, whilst you give me permission, I will share you with the world.

I just had to share this photo with you all. Fresh out of the bath and in his tiger 🐅 robe. Pure and precious and being an 8yr old.

Love you to the moon and back, and back again… never change, even when influences around you will try to.

Always stay true to you and you will conquer your dreams.

Love Mummy xx

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