Pokémon cards to swap?

Pokémon Card Swap session for children, in Leigh on sea


Does your child/children have Pokémon card/s to swap? If yes, why not come along to our shop on 1st Feb 2024 to trade with other children in a safe, warm and friendly environment. We will also have a battle table, for them to compete against each other, as a 1-1 basis.

Please note that all children must have at least one adult with them to take part, as we do not want any issues where trades are carried out that they did not wish to do.

Location: Sarah's Chocolate Kitchen, 83 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, Leigh on sea, Essex, SS9 5UZ

There are two options:

1. Trade with your own table section, but you must be able to be on site for 1.5 hrs, so people coming in to trade can see your cards. There will only be 15 table spaces to book.

2. Trade with your folder in hand, walking around to different tables., no table provided. No adult only groups, there must be a child involved to stop professional adult traders coming along to swap and then reselling cards online.

This is for fun more than anything else If your child wishes to sell their own cards, that is fine, but we will have to say there will be a limit on fees you can charge, which will be a ceiling limit of £2.00 per card. Under the new selling laws, you will be responsible for declaring your own income from those card sales.

ALSO AS THIS IS A TRADING SESSION, we must say no more than 10 cards are sold. Bookings are essential to come in and take part.

We (Sarah Chocolate Kitchen) will not be held responsible for any trades that take place, hence why an adult must be present with your child.

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