Share the memories, don’t hide behind the camera

An important message below ⬇️

Years ago, when I had a huge hang up on what my body looked like, these types of photos would have been deleted from my photos.

I’ve been big, small, big, small, medium, big, small, big…

Please remember, memories are so precious! Don’t hide away.

I always leave my photos on the live feature, to capture footage like this… one day I won’t be around, but these videos on here will be. Alfie can look back, and relive the days out and adventures we had together, and his family, and his families family…don’t hide away, your children couldn’t care less if your hair is grey, or you are carrying extra pounds, or your clothes aren’t ironed… it’s not a beauty pageant, it’s real life! Let’s teach them, that filtered isn’t the way forward!

Take the bloody picture, share the picture and show your family the importance of self love and that image isn’t through a filter!

It’s the side leg pose for me 😂 😂

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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