What’s your plan for you time this year?

Do you have any holidays or days out booked for 2024?

I made a promise to myself a year ago to take more time out to travel, to chill and relax.

Last year I created a great foundation for what is looking to be a fun adventure year ahead for me and my family.

While I took time off in Dec and Jan, I sat down and scheduled my diary out and listed all my off days, and then started to plan my 2024 adventures, and yes I used a spreadsheet…

Lots of cheap deals are now booked, I’ve planned weekends at our static home, days out, weekends away, nights and days out.

In my past work life I arranged events 12-18 months in advance, and I’m now using that strategy in my own life!

If you do not plan your own time, you won’t do it… something always gets in the way.

A good day of planning has already resulted in:

12 days out
12 holidays - some only 1-2 nights away, four that are 4 nights away and a 7 night away.

I used sun newspaper codes to book us 4 trips, I’ve used credit card reward points, turned nectar points into vouchers, cashed in cashback from sites like top cash back and Quidco. Plus set up three monthly payment schemes for 0% interest as well, to spread the costs. If you book early on with holiday companies they offer 0% to spread the cost.

I’ll be sharing more on my Instagram travel page over the weekend.

I have two more breaks to arrange, one with Michael on our own, and one with Alfie on his own with me again, but I’m just waiting on dates of sports days from his school, as I don’t really want him to miss events like that.

Planning is key with my business, but more so in my personal world to give me the life I wanted for myself and my family when I signed that voluntary redundancy form in 2016… otherwise giving up a bloody good job was all for nothing!

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amilyfriendly #familylife #vacationgoals #holidaystyle #daysoutwiththefamily

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