Life behind the SQUARES with Sarah Anderson

  • Gluten Free Pancakes 🥞 recipe

    Light and Fluffy Hazelnut Gluten Free Pamcake stack, at our Eatery in Eastwood, Leigh on sea, Essex. At Sarah’s Creative Chocolate Kitchen.
  • Share the memories, don’t hide behind the camera

    An important message below ⬇️ Years ago, when I had a huge hang up on what my body looked like, these types of photos would have been deleted from ...
  • Reviewing Afternoon Tea across Essex... The good, bad and damn right... NOOOOOOOOO

    We were shown to our seats , but wasn't asked at that point if we wanted a drink, we were just left for 18 minutes, before one of us got up and asked if we needed to order drinks at the bar.
  • Do you work to live, or live to work?

    I run myself mentally and physically into the ground several years ago! I wanted to end my life at one point, and that is a dark and isolated world to be in. I was drinking lots, I then went onto antidepressants, I started vaping, and I was in menopause, my life felt crap! 
  • Beware of what’s lurking on goggle about you!

    My son recently came home and asked me if he cost £21k to make. My heart sunk at the thought of him reading that at school without me there to explain!
  • Favourite TV watching for 2024

    I’m a restless TV watcher
  • Letter to my miracle son Alfie

    You were my miracle, the one that stuck around, the one who made me a mummy, and turned my life upside down.

  • Kids don’t know they are born now….

    If money was a little stretched, it was a picnic in the park, or a special dinner at home with a couple of friends, playing pass the parcel and other games, and the entertainment was playing on your metal framed climbing frame, and possibly music statues, which all ended in tears. 
  • What’s your plan for you time this year?

    Planning is key to our own personal days out and holidays. It should become part of our weekly/monthly schedule!

    If you do not plan, you will  get left behind and end up doing nothing, or something rushed just to tick a box. 

  • Let’s make dinner together - Kiymali Garavolli

    Recipe of the week… Let’s get cooking- Kiymali Garavolli - Basically Lamb and Pasta 😂.
  • A world of creativity and imagination - In Essex

    Letting customers escape into a world creativity and imagination, Sarah's  Creative Chocolate Kitchen is a hub of activity catering for anyone of any age with any background. 

    I moved lied to my parents!